Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Are You Getting Cold Feet?

I belong to a wonderful wedding and event planners group whom I call my CI Sista's. We are from all of the country and we are there for each other on our high and lows days. We encourage and inspire each other to push to be the best we can be as wedding and event planners. 

 One day a message was posted about what to do when you think a couple is getting cold feet. A light bulb when off for me that this would be a good topic for a blog. Let me just say that planning a wedding is a very wonderful event that you and your fiance' are planning. The planning can so take over your life that you two are now screaming and yelling at each other about the details of the
wedding. You are finding yourself in tears because you are working a full time job and trying to plan a wedding in a instant. You must remember that it is not just about all of the details for that one day but it is about you two spending the rest of your lives together as husband and wife. You have begun to doubt that this is something that you even want to do because you can not see eye to eye on things or your just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the planning process. Planning your wedding is a special event that the two of you are creating for your family and friends to celebrate your new life together.

Bridal Corner

When you are planning your wedding don't forget to do date nights. This is help you both stay connected and remember why you say "Yes" to his proposal. I have seen several cute ideas for date nights on Pinterest which I would recommend to any of my engagement couples to put into practice. When you find that you are getting cold feet or beginning to doubt if you want to get married than do on a date and do not discuss or talk about the wedding for at least 24 hours. If you both are still feeling overwhelmed with the planning than it is time to hire a professional planner. Just remember your love for each other during this process and do get so stuck on all of the details.

 Donna Snyder is the owner and lead event manager at Simply Unique Parteaz and wedding and event planning company in Maryland. She has a passion and desire for events and weddings. Planning events is like cooking a delicious for meal. When all of the ingredients come together, it is delicious. It is what I enjoy and love to do! Her planning website can be found at