Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When Things Do Not Go As Plan


I currently belong to a Mastermind group where a bunch of us ladies get together to be empowered and challenged as business owners.  I must tell you that I was very excited for our first video chat with everyone from the group.   I was so excited that I thought the call was on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  I did have this programed in my calendar but I just could not wait for the day to get here.  So Wednesday, finally got here and I got myself all set up for the video call and for some reason I could connect with the group so I decided to call in to listen to the chat.  I was only the line with several other lovely ladies and we keep waiting for us to get connect to the meeting.  We sent text, wrote on our group’s facebook page that we were on the phone waiting. We began talking to each other and sharing get information which I feel that I have a greater connection with these ladies than ever.  After chatting for an hour we realized that there was some technical issue that still needed to be worked on for our group meetings.  I was said that I did not hear my coach but I feel like I have 4 new friends that I might have never gotten to know if this had never happen.

Bridal Corner

You and your fianc√© are planning to have a outdoor wedding this summer.  We are expecting for the weather to cooperate but if it rains then you need to make sure to get an indoor or tent as a backup plan.  If you have a tent that you could just not use the sides that way you and your guest are covered from the beating sun but if the weather changes than your wedding does not get interrupted.   You are still able to have the dream outdoor wedding that you both have planned.

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