Thursday, April 5, 2012

Creating Your Vision..Your Way

He Proposed...You Said YES!  Are your not for sure if you want a formal, small, Traditional or modern wedding?  Please answer these questions to see what's your wedding style.

  1. What time of Year - Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer
  2. What time of day? Morning, Afternoon or Evening
  3. What size wedding would your like?  Large200 + guest, Medium 125+ guest or Small 75 and below guest
  4. Where would your like to have your wedding?  Church, Outside, Museum, Hotel or Park)
  5. What is the overall feeling for your wedding?  Formal/dressy or informal/casual
If you are still unsure about the answers to the questions than REGISTER TODAY for BRIDAL 411 BOOT CAMP.  Our FUN one-of-a-kind workshop is created with you in mind.  We provide a fun and informative way for DIY brides to discover the essential tips & tools utilized by professional coordinators when planning the perfect wedding!